Brekkie von Bitcoin

I am an artist and advocate for Bitcoin based in Los Angeles, California. I believe that sound money is the key to a more prosperous future for all, and that Bitcoin represents the best chance we have at making that future a reality. In addition to my artistic endeavors, I also serve as the Creative Director for both Swan Bitcoin and Tantra Labs.


Bitcoin will help usher in a truly unprecedented paradigm shift, and not just a financial paradigm shift. Money is the basis upon which all of our decisions are made. In altering the very foundations of our lives, consequently Bitcoin will impact all other aspects of our lives. We can’t possibly know how far these changes will extend, but suffice to say, a low time-preference society, built on Bitcoin, on Sound Money, may look vastly different than what we see today.

Bitcoin is still in its infancy. The technology is maturing, but in terms of societal penetration, the numbers are still quite low. We are still SO incredibly early on the adoption curve. And yet spend a few minutes on the internet and you will see how much passion there is for Bitcoin and the possibilities it brings. The numbers may be low but they are growing by the day.

There are more bitcoiners now than there have ever been, more hodlers than there have ever been, AND most importantly, fewer bitcoin than there have ever been. There may be a hard cap on the supply of bitcoin at 21 million, but with Satoshi’s coins remaining quite immobile, and others lost forever… bitcoin is also scarcer than it’s ever been. Assuming continued growth in demand, this scarcity will continue to increase with time…

But what does this all have to do with Art? Humans since time immemorial have used art to express themselves and help convey ideas. While I make Bitcoin Art in part because I love the creative process, I also do it with the goal of sharing Bitcoin with others. I want to convey how I feel when I think or learn about Bitcoin. I want people to see my art and ask themselves, why is this crazy artist so passionate about Bitcoin? Why on earth has he decided to make “Bitcoin Art” anyway? I want to spark conversations and make people question the world they live in, for people to learn about Bitcoin and feel the same hope that I feel for our collective Future. That to me, is what Bitcoin Art is all about.

It is a record of the times, and it is a call to action. It is frustration with how things are, and it is hope for how things could be… will be, if we keep doing what we are doing.